Why Travel With Us

Why Travel With Us

We believe our tours offer you great value for your travel dollar! We include all the extras that most companies charge you for once you’ve arrived in Europe. Admittedly, other tours may be lower priced initially, but by the time the trip is finished you’ve spent far more than you’ve planned. On a Culinary Arts Tour, there are no extras and no surprises—except the ones you look forward to!

When deciding which company to go with, read the fine print carefully to make sure you fully understand what to expect when you get there. Here are some things to consider:


Other Tours


With many companies, tour prices don’t include all sightseeing excursions which are often sold as options throughout the tour.

Culinary Arts Tours


Our tour prices include all group sightseeing and entrance fees—there are no hidden charges.


On most tours, you’re expected to tip both the tour escort and bus driver at the end of the trip.


All tips—including the ones for the tour escort and driver—are included in the cost of your tour.


Most tour companies leave costly transfers from and to the airport or train station up to you. You have to figure out how to get there and back at the end of the tour, and budget for that expense! Often only a few meals are included in the tour price, leaving you to pick up the tab for both the meal and the beverages. This can really add up over the course of the tour!


When you travel with Culinary Arts Tours we take care of you from the moment you land to the time of your departure! You are like family to us and we would never leave you alone to figure out how to get to your hotel on your own. That’s stressful, and certainly not the way to treat family! We want you to relax and enjoy every moment and not be worried about logistics or paying for things that should have been included in the first place! We also include almost every meal—leaving just one or two lunches and one or two dinners not included so that you are free to make a few memorable meal discoveries on your own. In addition, both wine and bottled water are included with every lunch and dinner meal listed in the itinerary. Every other tour expense is included.

WHAT’S NOT INCLUDED: The only items not included in the tour price: your airfare, any personal expenses you make during the tour, passport fees and the two lunches and dinners.


When it comes to the actual cooking classes, many other companies do a great deal of demonstration—meaning you watch, while the chef actually does the cooking. Or you prepare one or two courses, while the rest of the meal is finished in another kitchen—that’s not much fun and it’s certainly not what you paid for!


With us, you prepare all the courses fully—if you don’t make it, it won’t get made, plain and simple! We believe this is what you’re paying for—the opportunity to learn and return home with some wonderful recipes you can prepare easily on your own. And hands-on practice makes perfect!


Many companies tend to focus the tour almost completely on the cooking, with very little immersion into the actual culture and limited interaction with the people of the region. We feel that’s a shame. That’s what travel is all about!


We believe the most memorable journeys involve not only cooking, but exploring the local markets, and discovering the local farms and wineries that make the food what is! In addition to the food related activities, we also mix in just the right amount of sightseeing, featuring both the major highlights and off the beaten path gems of the region. It’s this perfect blend that makes it an unforgettable experience!


Many tour companies rely mostly on the tour leader escorting the group who usually provides a more general knowledge of each region, so you lose the wonderful connection to the culture and it’s people.


It’s the local guides that make the tour unforgettable! Our tours are packed with local experts who really bring each region to life. They provide the local flavor that you’ve traveled all this way to experience!